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      Fast Cash ATM

Point of Banking

        Accept Bank cards at NO COST to your Business!

        This is a viable, cost-effective alternative for businesses with lower customer volumes or those businesses for whom an ATM is not feasible.

Why pay expensive processing fees to take card payments, when you can accept bank card payments for FREE?

Merchants are paying more credit card processing fees than ever, but with Point of Banking you can accept bankcards at no cost to you, which enables your business to keep more of it's own profits!

Customers run their own transaction for a preset, whole dollar amount and hand the receipt to the cashier who gives cash back as change as customers makes their purchase…or just give cash back. Funds deposited into your acct in about 3 business days thru the Federal Reserve banking system all banks use.

Don’t want to give a lot of cash back?  No problem, simply choose a smaller amount that’s a little above your average sale amount when signing up for the program.

How does this program benefit retail merchants?

* Allows merchants to accept card payments for FREE as the cardholder pays a small convenience fee that covers the cost of processing each transaction.

This can save merchants alot of money each month in fees they would be paying if using a regular credit card machine allowing merchants to keep more of their own profits!

* Eliminates costly charge backs when consumers shop and then tell their bank the charges aren’t theirs…and merchants are charged back causing financial loss for the honest merchant who is just trying to make a living.

* POB terminals only allow PIN based transactions which helps protect merchants from stolen cards being used.

* POB terminals can only be used on a standard telephone line (no internet connections) which is much less liability for merchants under new banking industry requirements where merchants are fully liable for all security breaches to pay for all bank and cardholder losses which can easily cost merchants millions of dollars.
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