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Most people don’t understand how the flow of money through an ATM works.

Surcharge Income
When we place an ATM, we decide on setting a surcharge. This surcharge will pay for the ATM and produce some extra profit and provide a service for your employees. The average withdrawal is $50.00.

The average ATM surcharge in the USA is currently $2.86. Most hotels and tourist areas set their surcharge at $3.00, and most major US banks are at $3.00 surcharge. Virtually all ATMs set their withdrawal limit to $200.00 per surcharge transaction. There are a few states that put caps on the surcharge amount. Check with us for your particular states’ regulations. Customers may check their balance or transfer funds without paying a surcharge.

The Flow of Money

Option 1
You will stock the money into our ATM. There is a tray inside of it which uses a friction-feed dispenser. There is also a default tray where unusable “crumpled” bills will be cycled to. Do not re-use these bills in your ATM. When a customer withdraws $40.00 from your ATM, we settle the account instantly and then wire $40.00 plus the surcharge into your business checking account within 48 business hours, usually the next business day. Simply load those 20 dollar bills into the ATM. We also send you a monthly statement, free of charge, which shows daily details of your ATM usage.

Option 2
We will have a cash provider stock the money into the ATM. This is only an option on high volume machines. You will receive a monthly statement, free of charge, which shows daily details of your ATM usage.

The dispensers used in our ATMs are state-of-the-art and dispense the right amount of bills. In rare cases, the operator of the ATM enters the wrong amount of bills loaded in the ATM and it causes a shortage of bills in the dispenser. Our customer service department handles any customer complaints. These are called Regulation E filings. In this occurrence, we will electronically “look” at the journal sequence and determine, with your help, whether or not the ATM ran out of money during a customer’s withdrawal. If this is proved to be the case, the cardholders account is credited the shortage.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Cash ATM will provide & install an ATM in your location.
  • You receive a portion of the revenue on each surcharged withdrawal.
  • You can load the cash and recieve a larger portion of revenue. 
  • Money will be ACH directly to your account.  
  • Fast Cash ATM will provide receipt paper.
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