Fast Cash ATM

Genmega GM-1900W

Model: GM-1900W 

Standard Features::
  • Windows® CE Platform
  • Wide TFT 7"
  • Ethernet (SSL Support)
  • TDES Compliant AP Software
  • UL 291 business hour listed safe

      Optional Features:

  • Eloctronic Lock or Cencon Lock
  • Single Sided or Mini High Bright Topper

Introducing the new Genmega 1900 series Retail ATM. Featuring a modern, innovative design and built on a platform loaded with high end features and technologies integrated to maximize transactions while providing the best customer experience. The 1900 series comes equipped with an 7” High-Resolution Color LCD that is ready to accept your custom advertisements or branding. Communication is handled by 56K Modem or integrated Ethernet (SSL). Swipe style card reader comes standard, with DIP and CHIP Card (EMV) available. Using an updated chassis and vault design (rated UL291 Business Hours) that is designed to improve security and resist attack, the 1900 series also uses modular components for reliability and easy service and maintenance. Network compliance is ensured with a VISA/PCI/Interac certified encrypting PIN device (EPP) and well as ADA requirements including Voice Guidance, Lighted action indicators and lit keypad.

Includes Instruction Manual, 1 roll of Thermal Receipt Paper, Topper & Standard Freight.

Freight not included if shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.
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