Fast Cash ATM


ATM Processing - Merchant F.A.Q. 

  • Who gets the surcharge?
    The owner of the ATM determines how the surcharge revenue is distributed.
  • How much is the surcharge?
    The average surcharge is $2.86, but can be set at any amount, depending on limitations set by the law in your area. Without limitations, surcharge is determined by the ATM Owner.
  • When do I get my money?
    The money dispensed by the ATM (vault cash) and the surcharge revenue are deposited into your account via the Federal Reserve the next business day. Funds from Monday will be available on Tuesday; Tuesday's on Wednesday; & Thursday's on Friday. Weekend transactions that on Friday (occur after normal processor business hours), Saturday, and Sunday deposit on Monday.
  • What happens when someone does not get enough money?
    This is extremely rare, but if this does happen, the customer should call their bank to verify the completion of the transaction on their account. If a withdrawal was made from the account and you did not get the money, a "Regulation E Claim" should be filed with the issuer of the card. Payment Alliance should be contacted with continued problems. Our toll free phone number is on the ATM surcharge sticker. NEVER give the customer money; you may not get it back!!
  • What happens when the ATM does not work?
    Contact your local representative.
  • What are my expenses?
    If you have a free placement you need to provide a standard telephone line or ethernet (TCIP/IP) and a standard electrical outlet. If you purchase or lease an ATM you will need to pay one-time charges for the ATM or your monthly lease payment. The ATM will require a standard telephone line or ethernet (TCIP/IP) and a standard electrical outlet. One roll of receipt paper is provided with the machine and typically lasts 5-6 months; additional rolls cost less than $10.
  • Are there additional expenses not covered here?
    No. There are no additional statement fees, or service charges.

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